Dream Impressionism Dual Pack




Turn Your TV into a Digital Art Gallery

Dreamscreens Dream Impressionism Dual Pack 4K contains over 900 Impressionism and Post-Impressionism paintings from the Impressionism and Post Impressionism art movements. Turn your TV into a priceless art gallery. Plug the Dreamscreens drive into the USB slot of your Smart TV and play a slideshow of the paintings, display one painting at a time, or play the paintings as a video with background music. The Ultra High Definition 4K images will show you every detail of the paintings as though you were seeing them in the museum.

  • Over 900 Photos of the Most Famous Impressionism and Post-Impressionism Paintings in History Displayed on Your TV in 4K Resolution
  • Works on Smart TVs and Digital Frames – Plug it into Your TV and Select the USB Input to Play the Paintings as a Slideshow
  • Includes a Video Slideshow with Background Music as an Alternative to the Slideshow
  • Includes Four USB Drives: Standard Screen x 2 That Shows the Entire Painting and Widescreen x 2 That Fills Your Entire TV Screen
  • Ultra-high Resolution Photos Displays Beautiful Photos on Even the Largest Televisions

Plug it into Your Smart TV

Almost all TVs today have a USB port that allow you to play photos as a slideshow. Turning your TV into beautiful art is easy. Plug it in and turn your TV input to “USB”. That’s it. The art will start to display.

If your TV supports playing videos from USB drives, you can select to play the video which includes soothing background guitar music.

Because of the Ultra High Definition 4K quality, the Dreamscreens USB drives are formatted as NTFS. Please make sure your TV supports NTFS formatted USB drives. As an alternative, you can use media server apps to play the slideshow on your TV.

Inspiring and Educational

Each Dream Impressionism USB drive contains over 400 famous impressionism paintings from the early 1860s to 1886. Each Dream Post-Impressionism USB drive contains over 500 famous post-impressionism paintings from 1886 to 1905. They also contains a PDF file that lists the painting titles, artist, and year they were painted in the order they appear.

We have included two versions. The first keeps the original aspect ratio of the painting so you see the entire painting as originally intended by the artist. This will result in black space above or to the sides of most paintings but it also means you won’t miss any of the details. The second is a widescreen version where we fill the entire TV screen with the painting. While this eliminates the unsightly black bars, some paintings do not display well, especially portraits. With both options in one product, you have the choice of how to display your Dream Impressionism collection.

The Ultimate Conversation Starter

When you have Dreamscreens playing on your TV, your social gatherings will never be the same. Instead of a dark, ugly TV on your wall, your guests will be delighted to see familiar paintings.

Follow along with the Dream Impressionism guide to learn about each painting. See who painted it, the title, and when it was painted.

Impressionism and Post-Impressionism

Both movements are very popular among art lovers. The Impressionism movement lasted from approximately 1867 to 1886 while the Post-Impressionism movement was from approximately 1886 to 1905. Often, people will think certain artists were part of Impressionism movement but most of their paintings were made during the Post-Impressionism movement. This collection includes over 900 paintings between both movements, so you can be sure that your favorite artist and painting will be included.

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