Dream Holidays


Display Holiday Backgrounds on Your TV for Every Season

Dreamscreens Dream Holidays 4K contains over 500 amazing holiday themed digital art TV background artwork. Includes themes for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentines Day, Fall Harvest, and even Summer and Winter themes. Plug the Dream Holidays drive into the USB slot of your Smart TV and play a slideshow of the backgrounds, display one background at a time, or play them as a video with background music. The Ultra High Definition 4K images will show you every detail of the images, even on today’s largest TVs.

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Turn Your TV into an Inspiration

Dreamscreens Dream Holidays 4K contains over 500 TV digital art screensaver images categorized into holiday themes. Always have your TV in the current holiday spirit. Plug the Dream Holidays drive into the USB slot of your Smart TV and play a slideshow of the photos, display one photo at a time, or play the photos as a video with background music. Each holiday theme is in its own folder for easy organization. However, most TVs will play all images on a USB drive in the slideshow, even if they are in different folders. For the Dream Holiday collection, we recommend that you play the video on repeat if your TV doesn’t support playing slideshows by folder.

  • Over 500 Images of Holiday Themed Backgrounds in Stunning Ultra High Definition 4K Resolution
  • Works on Smart TVs and Digital Frames – Plug it into Your TV and Select the USB Input to Play the Photos as a Slideshow
  • Includes a Video Slideshow with Background Music as an Alternative to the Images Slideshow
  • Never Have a Blank TV During Social Gatherings Again
  • Ultra-high Resolution Images Displays Vividly on Even the Largest Televisions

Plug it into Your Smart TV

Almost all TVs today have a USB port that allow you to play photos as a slideshow. Turning your TV into beautiful photo gallery is easy. Plug it in and turn your TV input to “USB”. Play the images as a slideshow or select your favorite as a screensaver.

If your TV supports playing videos from USB drives, you can select to play the video which includes soothing background guitar music.


Inspiring Art

Each Dreamscreens: Dream Holidays USB drive contains over 500 images to keep you in the holiday spirit, no matter the season.


The Ultimate Conversation Starter

When you have Dreamscreens playing on your TV, your social gatherings will never be the same. Instead of a dark, ugly TV on your wall, your guests will be delighted to see familiar paintings.


Perfect for Offices, Waiting Rooms, or Real Estate Showings

Dreamscreens is not only perfect for your home, but it can be used to brighten up office lobbies, waiting rooms, or even to add elegance to real estate house showings. The world is a better place with art. Let’s make it a better digital world.


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